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SHOP INSTORE Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm. ORDER ONLINE anytime for fast & convenient in-store pick up.


“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.”
–Robert Browning

Most of us have fond memories that involve bread. Perhaps your mother or grandmother baked her own bread, or you remember trips to the local bakery for fresh rolls on a Saturday morning. Maybe it was your Italian uncle’s famous focaccia garlic toast, or your grandfather’s favourite German rye bread eaten with sausage and cheese. In every instance, we remember how a good loaf of bread could turn even the simplest meal into a feast.

At True Grain, we bake the kind of bread that makes you slow down. Good bread is meant to be enjoyed. When you slow down you have more time to connect with your food, and in our case, everything we bake can be connected back to a BC organic farm. We respect the farmers who grow the organic grain we use. We make our bread without added sugar or fat because they aren’t necessary. Whether it’s a hearth-baked Red Fife sourdough or a traditional French Baguette, the flavour of the grain is always the star.

Welcome, vegans

Plant based foodies, rejoice! Most of the bread we make is vegan. Our wholegrain loaves offer a great way to add more plant protein to your diet, and the high fibre will keep you going through your day.

A word about gluten

We’re often asked if we have gluten free bread and the short answer is no, we don’t. We specialize in BC-grown organic grain, so we don’t use things like almond flour or coconut flour. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy our bread. Unfortunately, those with diagnosed Celiac disease (around 1% of the population) can’t eat any gluten at all. However, for those who are sensitive to the gluten in modern wheat, there’s a good chance we can help find a loaf among our ancient grain selection that you can enjoy.

Our Menu

Red Fife Sourdough

Three-ingredient naturally leavened loaf with a 48-hour fermentation. Our #1 sourdough.

Red Fife Cracked Grain

Heritage Wheat sourdough with our signature 9 cracked grain blend. Hearth baked crust of the gods.

Red Fife Hazelnut

Whole hazelnuts add an extra layer of nuttiness to our Red Fife Sourdough. A great loaf for foodies.

Light Rye

A simple German recipe that delivers perfect sourdough rye flavour with just three ingredients.

Flax n’ Rye

100 % sifted rye sourdough with whole flax seeds for a rustic crunch. Sings silently for soft cheese.

Wholegrain Rye with Sunflower Seeds

A heavy, hearty rye sourdough your inner German grandfather will love.

Light Spelt

100% sifted Spelt, yeast leavened loaf that is perfect if you’re new to ancient grains. Great for toast and sandwiches.

Wholegrain Spelt

The rye starter and whole flax seeds give this naturally leavened loaf an extra layer of earthiness. Amazing with homemade tomato soup.

Wholegrain Khorasan

Our most popular wholegrain loaf. The outer pumpkin seeds roast slightly during baking to lend a subtle sweetness against the buttery flavour of the grain. A loaf to chew slowly while sighing contentedly.

French White

Grilled cheese will never be the same. Crusty-crust hearth loaf with only the ingredients permitted under French law for Pain du Francais.

French Baguette

The genuine Parisian crusty bread stick, over 2 feet long. The perfect last-minute dinner addition for just about any meal.

Cinnamon & Raisin

Your new favourite weekend loaf. Plump, organic Thompson raisins and organic cinnamon mixed into our authentic French White dough. Great for making epic French Toast.

Farmhouse White & Farmhouse Brown

Feed your farmhouse without breaking the bank! These are great sandwich & toast loaves made with BC farmed & BC milled organic flour that the entire family will enjoy. Farmhouse White is soft & airy and Farmhouse Brown is perfect for those looking for extra fibre without seeds.

Focaccia Buns

Classic Italian bread made with olive oil and herbs. Use as the base for your favourite burger or panini sandwich, or tear into chunks and dip lavishly into balsamic vinegar.

Ciabatta Buns

Light, fluffy Italian buns made with olive oil. A bun meant for making memorable sandwiches.

Ultimate Buns

Organic milk and butter help to create a super soft texture for our popular burger and sausage buns. Order ahead for your next barbeque party.

Dinner Rolls

The perfect little roll to enjoy with soup or stews. Or get fancy and make a slew of sliders. Available in French White or Multigrain.